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About Greenville, MS - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Greenville, Mississippi was initially occupied by indigenous peoples.  When explored by the French, they established a colony. Greenville was founded in 1824 by William W. Blanton, who was granted section four, township eighteen, range eight west of the town, the area which is now downtown.  This plot now constitutes most of downtown Greenville.   The town’s seasonal weather means cold winters and hot summers. But, it is moderate and temperate most of the year and is rarely unbearably hot or cold. The town is the perfect place to raise kids who love to be outdoors.  They can ride bikes and swim in the spring and summer and enjoy football and other sports in the fall. 

The current city of Greenville is actually the third in the State to bear the name and the story is interesting.  The first was abandoned soon after the American Revolution.  The second is the parent city to the present one.  It was settled in the later part of the 1800s and named by its founders for General Nathanael Greene.  The moderate seasonal weather was perfect for growing cotton.  This Greenville was a flourishing village prior to the Civil War. As county seat, it was the cultural center for the area. The large cotton plantations that surrounded it were mostly located directly on the Mississippi and other major navigable tributaries. The town was ruined during the events related to the siege of Vicksburg. Troops burned every building and the inhabitants took refuge in plantation homes.   When the war ended, former residents soon decided to build again. Mrs. Harriet Blanton Theobald was called the "Mother of Greenville" as she donated huge amounts of land to help rebuild the city.  Greenville recovered prosperity and today you can see evidence of the town’s rich history with beautiful buildings (many on the National Register of Historic Places).

What’s the coolest place in town? African Americans in the Delta created rich varieties of pioneering music and Nelson Street is a notable strip of blues clubs popular in the 1940s and 1950s. In fact, it was not uncommon for record companies to come to town to recruit talent.  The Mississippi Blues Commission was established to memorialize this music and its important role in Mississippi history and culture.  The commission has identified sites throughout the Delta to become a part of their Mississippi Blues Trail. Southern Whispers Restaurant on Nelson Street is on the trail.